Monday, April 27, 2015

The Office "Diversity Day"

After reading Jess's post about "New Girl's" discussion of race, I decided to post one of my favorite episodes of The Office. It's from season 1, and it's called "Diversity Day." The entire office has to go through diversity sensitivity training after Michael imitates a Chris Rock stand up routine. I thought this was a very comical and real (I definitely know some Michael Scotts) way to handle the discussion of race on network television. Has anyone else seen it? What do you guys think?

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  1. This is my No. 2 favorite episode of The Office. My No. 1 is "Stress Relief" Season 5. In this episode, once Stanley collapses of a heart attack after Dwight's attempt to give the office a real life simulation of the fire drills no one has taken seriously, Michael Scott screams something along the lines of "Stanley wake up! Barack is President. You have everything to live for!" As I understand it, this was their Emmy submission for that year and it is easily my favorite episode opening of the entire series.