Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Look Out! There's a New Prestige Player in Town

Lifetime to premiere a film that played at Cannes? Who could've predicted that? "Grace of Monaco," starring Nicole Kidman, will go straight-to-cable.
Speaking of convergence (albeit of another type), this seems to be a convergence of prestige and pulp.

The Weinstein Company paid $7 million for a film and it's premiering on Lifetime. Nothing ground-breaking (well not too groundbreaking), but I'm just chuckling because a couple of my not-faves/overrated Hollywood players are looking foolish right now. (To be clear that's Weinstein and Kidman because Lifetime has a special place in my heart).

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  1. Jheanelle!

    Lifetime just released some more interesting news that I just had to share. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lifetime is planning on producing an "unauthorized behind-the-scenes Full House movie."

    This news parallels Netflix recent announcement about rebooting the Full House series, which also sparks some commentary regarding content turning to various platforms if their intended platform failed or seems inaccessible now.