Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Fall

Following this week’s readings regarding global television, I am wondering if anyone is as obsessed with The Fall as I am. 

This show is an interesting ‘global’ case, in that it is produced by Artist Studio (a UK drama company) and BBC Northern Ireland, stars an American actress ( the ever so talented Gillian Anderson) alongside Jamie Dornan, and has been distributed throughout the UK, Ireland, Hungary, Canada, the Netherlands, and Netflix. 

Though the majority of the show is dedicated to following the parallel lives of its two main protagonists, it does address some very interesting micro-politics regarding Northern Ireland and the continuous conflict between England and the Republic of Ireland. For those who are outside of/oblivious to this complicated regional history, the show’s political references very easily go over one’s head. But, if you just happen to have a grandfather who was pro-IRA, it’s a bit of a different story…

Regardless, I cannot recommend this show enough, and my love mainly derives from Anderson’s character, Stella Gibson, and her fabulous feminist attitude. 

If you’ve any interest at all in this, I recommend this article

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