Saturday, April 25, 2015

La télévision fançaise: Possible Transnational Content?

Delphine Ernotte, president of France Télévisions, wants to modernize French television so that its content can be exportable to international markets. Furthermore, the newly appointed president is hoping to reach younger audiences as television in France competes with media streaming platforms (mostly U.S.-based), and is determined to also create streaming content. Unlike U.S. television shows immediately going online after the conclusion of a season, French television has yet to explore those possibilities. It is interesting to see what direction French television will take in a few years.

Link to the French article published online in Le Monde:

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  1. Michael -- this recent Variety article touches upon new international TV models (international co-productions, and many non-U.S. shows that are multilingual/heavily English-language and multinational in terms of cast):

    I found it interesting, specifically how U.S.-centric themes and historical tropes will be universalized for the global audiences by non-Americans.