Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Oscars Are On TV

First, there was all the talk about nominations.
Then, there was all the talk about the nominees.
Then, there was the show where the winners were announced.
Then, there were all the reviews of the show where the winners were announced (that almost unanimously bad).

Does anyone else find it strange and some what annoying that film industry deigns to take over our beloved televisions for one night (min.) every year to produce a show that is incredibly long and boring to watch?

asking for a friend.

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  1. And sadly, Doogie Howser in his underwear did very little to pull in more than anemic ratings. One thing I have noticed about the Oscars, boring as it is, is that they use some basic rules of tension - scenes of preparation, and asking a question and then making the audience wait for an answer. For me the only thing that makes long, cultural spectacles like the Oscars or the Superbowl bearable are parties (which is to say drinking games), live tweeting, and, if all else fails, counter programming - http://previously.tv/television/your-oscars-2015-counterprogramming-guide/