Saturday, January 31, 2015

There is a "Roots" Reboot in Development at The History Channel

The History Channel’s move from primarily documentary programming to a notable amount scripted programming is an interesting one. With this in mind, I’ve been reminded that there is a Roots reboot in development for THC, to be directed by Allen Hughes (Menace to Society, Dead Presidents, The Book of Eli). In my opinion, The History Channel should be held to a higher level of accountability, as it has historically been a channel that airs educational material.  Thus, The History Channel contributing to the entertainment world’s commitment to only addressing society’s ills with regards to race in a historicized context is just adding to media’s regressive, reductive, and played-out existence.

To also consider -- how does THC’s blurring of documentary/educational programming and scripted programming fit into the ever-changing landscape of TV (considering questions of medium specificity, increased social relevance compared to film, etc?)

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